Monday, April 14, 2014

thrift store terrariums

I love succulents.

LOVE them. Maybe it's because they're petite, maybe it's because of their fat little leaves... Who am I kidding? It's because they're basically fool-proof.

You may recall my post on Friday about my trip to Goodwill, but my real reason for going was to find some objects that could be upcycled as teeny terrariums for those precious, teeny succulents. I think I succeeded!
I snatched up a cocktail glass, a round vase and a little white cup or something. Still not sure what that one is, but I think it might be my favorite!

Making these your own is simple: stuff the plants into their new homes, add a little potting soil, and you're done! I like them grouped together, but they are pretty on their own on a desk or end table as well. In fact, the hardest part was keeping these chubby little "helping" hands from yanking the leaves off...
Do you love succulents? How do you display yours?


  1. I adore these.... but I kill them! I don't know what the deal is, but I can't keep mine alive....

    1. LGN said water them once a month! Let them dry out and then flood them!