Friday, April 25, 2014

in her bag

So, do y'all remember Tuesday?

I don't really either, but I do remember my feature on The Lovely Bee about what's in my bag. Well, the Queen Bee herself has so kindly agreed to make an appearance here too.

Give her a warm welcome, darlings!


Hey, Olive You Darling readers! How’s the week going? I’m honored to be here with y’all today. It’s been way too long! I’m not sure if you saw, but Mary Straton recently shared on my blog what all she totes around in her “pocketbook,” as her dad says! So today is my turn to share my “pocketbook” with her/you guys! I’m afraid my bag isn’t quiiiiite as interesting as hers is, but it’s different! So there’s that!

Before we get into what’s actually in my bag, allow me to introduce you to my bag itself. My bag. My wonderful, multi-purpose Mellie Bianco bag (or purse, or satchel, or whatever…) from Arco Avenue. Oh, I love this bag! I carry it everywhere… It’s a chameleon of a bag because it’s black with gold hardware. Classic, yet so now. AND, I can wear it as a cross body, messenger style, or I can use the handles and wear it as a shoulder bag. It’s big, but not too big. Just the right size to carry all of my necessities!

So you might be wondering what it is I carry around in this bestie of mine. (I say bestie because… I don’t know where I’d be without it! Where would all my stuff stay?)

It does change from week to week, depending on what I’ve got on the agenda at the time of course, but for the most part, I’ve always got most of what you see here in the ol’ carry on.

Step into my purse with me, won’t you?! :)

What’s in my bag:

1. My set of keys. It’s pretty hard to get around without my keys, considering that we live miles outside the city! Walking anywhere other than to the neighbor’s house is out of the question. To make my set of keys extra useful, I keep a mini tape measure on the keyring at all times. When you work in the interior design biz like I do (part-time), you quickly realize how important it is to have a tape measure available at all times! But it has also come in handy for reasons outside of the interior design realm. Like the one time my friend Anna wore a locket to a party that contained no pictures. In order to give her a picture of myself that would fit in the locket, I whipped out my tape measure to see what size I need to shrink my face down to! See? Very useful.

2. Hand lotion. Of various and sundry varieties. My hands are always in need of some moisturizin’. Plus, I love snagging an extra lotion or two whenever I pass a hotel housekeeping cart… I know I’m not alone, here…

3. Wine corks. For the collection. We keep a big jug in the living room and fill it with wine corks. About half of them have the occasion and date written on them so one day we’ll be able to use that jug like a scrapbook! A "scrapjug" if you will…

4. About 15 old grocery lists. Who has time to sort through random purse papers and throw away old ones? (My hand is not raised.)

5. Washi tape. What can I say? I’m obsessed with that stuff

6. My mini bag-o-tricks. I keep all my cosmetic assistants in a little pouch! A Sephora mirror, my lipsticks, a million bajillion bobby pins, a little Rockin Rio perfume, the Tide To Go pen… (This is mainly for my husband Price. Can we say messy eater?)

7. My wallet. To keep up with the monetary essentials, you know, as well as my drivers license, which waiters are asking for less and less these days… Am I really starting to look over 21?! This cannot be!!

8. Writing utensils. I’ve got that old fashioned pencil in there for nostalgic purposes

9. Gum. All green gum, at that… I’ve surprised myself! I though I liked blue gum best! Guess not…

10. A way late thank you note. Sorry Avery!

11. 15% off at Deep South Pout. Anybody want that?

12. Neenah paper samples. I got these at a local printer and they’re so pretty that I whip them out and look at them when I’m bored in a doctor’s office or something. Actually, I just haven't taken them out and put them in my office yet… 

Not Pictured: Lots of trash… Like, more mint wrappers than I can even count…

And that’s what makes the rounds on my shoulder with me all day every day! Such exciting stuff! (Only, not really… But thanks for reading anyway!)

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