Monday, September 10, 2012

what makeup do you use?

I’m always fascinated by other people’s routines getting ready. It was one of the most interesting things about living in a sorority house, and it’s compounded by about 1,000 when you are married to a boy. For example, when I get ready in the morning, the t-shirt I slept in becomes the towel on which I wipe my makeup brushes or the eyeliner off my fingers.

Which brings me to my question today: what kind of makeup do you use? I used to use drugstore makeup in high school and college, and then I met Haley who introduced me to Sephora and to blush that cost more than $3. She single-handedly made my cost of living skyrocket, but I’m a believer in quality cosmetics now because of her (and clothes…and home décor…).

Here’s my routine:

Foundation: Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm
This is the most recent addition to my makeup. I like a little more coverage than just a powder, but I hate a liquid foundation. Oh, and I also have super oily skin, and most foundations look pink on me. This really is perfect for just the little coverage I want, and it’s SPF45! Bonus: it makes my face feel great.

Powder: Sephora Collection Smoothing Translucent Powder
Someone told me one time that I needed to “set” my foundation with a powder. I believed them, and so now I use this. As I just mentioned, my skin is crazy oily, and I put this on at the end of the day to keep the shine off my nose (and forehead and cheeks and chin, etc.) if I need to go back out.

Bronzer: Too Faced Caribbean in a Compact – Sun Bunny
I wear bronzer every day. Every single day. Not sure why; I just got used to it, and in my mind, I’m contouring my face so that I look like Brooklyn Decker. I used to use NARS bronzer, but I got this last time I was in the store, and I’m a big fan! Swirl the colors together with the brush, and it’s a good not-too-dark glow.

Blush: NARS Blush – Orgasm, Deep Throat or Mounia
For my money, there’s no better blush out there. It lasts a long time, so I think it’s totally worth the $28. Most NARS stuff is.

Eye Primer: NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base
At the risk of beating a dead horse, I have oily eyelids, too. This helps keep my eyeshadow from sliding around all over the place and from getting creases at the end of the day. I can totally tell when I forget to use it.

Eye Liner (and brow filler): MAC Eye Pencil – Coffee
Yes, I realize it’s weird that I use the same eyeliner as brow filler, but I don’t care. This is a perfect black-brown, and it’s the only reason I ever go to the mall. I’ve used it for years.

Eye Shadow: MAC Eye Shadow – Shroom, Mulch, Club, Woodwinked, Twinks…
Yet another product I’ve used for years. Again, it lasts forever and is just better than stuff from drugstores. I use Shroom to highlight under my brows and another color on my lids. Just whatever I feel like.

Mascara: CoverGirl Lash Blast Fusion – Very Black
I’m being serious when I say I think I have tried every mascara on the market – expensive, inexpensive, highly recommended, obscure… I’ve spent countless dollars on it, and I always come back to this kind. It goes on great, doesn’t clump, you can build on it, and it’s less than $8. What more could you want?

Lipstick: CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain – 402 Scarlet Pucker
I was really surprised to see the lukewarm reviews on the site for this. I use it every day, and I really love it. It’s very light and goes on just like a magic marker. I have several colors and have always been pleased. Of course, with it being a drugstore product, you run into the chance that you might get a wonky color, but that’s the price you pay for it being inexpensive.

Lip Gloss (when I feel like it): Laura Mercier Lip Glace
For just when you want a little more sass on your lips. Again, expensive, but worth it. It's not sticky and lasts a long time.

I hope you enjoyed the little round-up of my daily face! What products to you use? I’d love to know!!

Have a beautiful week, darlings.


  1. I have pretty much quit wearing make up (whoops) BUT when i do paint my face I am absolutely obsessed with this:

    It's intimidating yet awesome.

  2. I second the vote for Bobbie Brown. I've been addicted to Bobbie since 2001. That's all I use. (I promise that's not compounded by my unhealthy need to have all my make-up and skin care product containers match.) It's so bad that the women who work at the Bobbi Brown counter at my local Nordstrom's not only know me on a first name basis, but hug me when I leave, and ask about my husband and's a sickness...

  3. I've always loved lip gloss...had quite the collection when I was younger! :)

  4. I wish you could come do my make up everyday....

  5. I'm embarrassed to admit that I forgot to update your blog in my googlereader and I'm just now catching up. You know makeup and I have never been good friends. I use Bare Minerals powder, cheapo Aldi blush (they only sell one color) and CG lipslicks lipgloss in "Daring." Daring, I know. And Loreal mascara. I'm lucky if I ever make it to eyeliner and eyeshadow. Or deodorant for that matter :)